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DCT Realtime Data description

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DCT Gear

The actual active gear in the DCT, reported by the TCU. -2=Reverse;-1=Park;0=Neutral;1=Gear 1;2=Gear 2;3=Gear 3;4=Gear 4;5=Gear 5;6=Gear 6;7=Gear 7.


DCT Shift Status

Shift status, reported from the TCU.  0=Not engaged;1=Up shift;2=Down shift.


DCT gearbox mode

Gearbox mode (auto or manual), reported by the TCU.


DCT selector switch

Auto or Manual mode selected from the gear level.


DCT oil temp

The oil temp reported from the TCU.

Note: if this values is 108deg C, you have some internal TCU error code present.


DCT clutch kick mode

If there is some kind of clutch kick event occurring, this will indicate its status.


DCT engine tORQUE

The engine Torque value sent from MaxxECU to the TCU, see DCT Control.


DCT commanded gear

The commanded gear from the shifter.


DCT sport button

Status of the BMW 135/335/Z4 SPORT button.


DCT torque reduction request

When the DCT wants a torque reduction from the MaxxECU (shiftcut), there is two options for this one, see Shiftcut source in DCT Settings.


DCT last shift time

The last up/down shift time recorded in the system. This is not "actual shifting time", but it is the time the gearbox uses as "now I'm starting to shift" till "now I'm fully shifted". This time updates when the last shift is done.


DCT Drivelogic mode

Indicates which Drivelogic mode is selected from the present drivelogic button (only available on BMW M3).


DCT Calculated driveshaft speed

The driveshaft output speed (in RPM) reported from the TCU. This is a calculated value based on what the MaxxECU transmits, read help in DCT Settings how to to take use of this value to adjust the transmitted speed values.



The front speed (km/h) reported to the TCU from MaxxECU. Mostly used for verifying.


DCT reported SPEED rear

The rear speed (km/h) reported to the TCU from MaxxECU. Mostly used for verifying.


DCT blip target rpm

The required blip target RPM, reported by the TCU. MaxxECU Throttle blip function must achieve at least this engine RPM during the blip event, otherwise the TCU gets upset and will most likely disengage the clutches and yell at you. This value is just reported during a very short time period, when it expects an increased engine RPM.

See DCT shifting options.

Note: The blip target RPM is NOT available on the GEN2 protocol.


DCT Torque target request

The requested engine torque during an torque reduction event. This is the expected engine torque. If engine torque is above this value during an reduction event, it might cause shifting issues (most likely on downshifts).