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19 - Electromagnetic interference detected

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MaxxECU is, just like all electronic systems sensitive to electrical distortion.

The disruption occurs mainly in the ignition system where the high-voltage and high-speed pulses can be induced in surrounding cables, and engine management is perceived as false trigger signals.

In 90% of the cases where we have seen disorders that primarily affect trigger systems, it has been the use of non-resistor spark plugs in the engine.


In MTune 1.70 we introduced an additional warning that stores an error code when MaxxECU senses high distortion levels which are too high and unmanageable for the system.

This warning can be turned off (Advanced --> Filters/Error codes. Disable EMI warnings), but the interference source must first be investigated and dealt with appropriately!

Contact support if there is uncertainty.


Cause of problems:

Non-resistor spark plugs is used!

Non-resistor spark plugs is used!

Non-resistor spark plugs is used!

Ignition cables with low internal resistance with non-resistor spark plugs!

Trigger sensor mounted into the distributor to which high power ignition systems are connected (fireworks a few millimeters from sensitive sensors do not help)

Problems with grounding.

Sensor GND is somehow wired to engine ground. <-- big no no.



Note: If the distortion levels are extremely high, this may not only affect the trigger system, but also the internal components such as the MAP sensor, therefore you should NEVER turn off ”EMI Warning” without really know what you are doing.


Note: Spark plug resistor has more than 500 ohms resistance between the connector and the electrode.



MaxxECU wirings (downloads)

Please contact support if problem persist.