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USB troubleshooting

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MTune feels slow and sluggish on your computer



1. Enable the performance power on your computer


Note: Since of MTune 1.116 the High performance or Optimal performance Windows power plan will be automatically selecteded during MTune startup.

See, Configuration --> MTune settings.



2. Change the USB update speed in MTune


In MTune Configuration --> MTune settings, update speed you can select the slow mode.


Note: MTune might work perfect on a 15 year old laptop, but feels slow and sluggish on a new and modern energy efficient laptop, the most common cause of problem is the energy power not set to high/ultimate performance. See, Configuration --> MTune settings.




Do not charge your laptop using the +12V system in your vehicle, it can damage either your laptop USB port and/or MaxxECU USB port.


"Don't be a dickhead, don't charge your laptop thru the car charger port." , Magnus Fernlund, Sweden.


Computer with known issues:

Lenovo Thinkpad L440 - Only use the USB 3.0 port since the 2.0 ports seems to cause communication issues.

Katana GF66 11UE MSI laptop - unable to communicate with a MaxxECU.

ASUS - 14.0" Laptop - Intel Celeron N4500 - 4GB Memory - 128GB eMMC - Star Black (Model:E410KA-TB.CL4128BK SKU:6498803).  - unable to communicate with a MaxxECU.