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Electric waterpump control (on/off)

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For PWM control, see Electric waterpump control (PWM).

See also, PWM CAN Module.


Water pump control, used when a relay is connected to MaxxECU output to control an electrical waterpump.


The output is pulsed on/off before the set temperature is reached to circulate the coolant liquid to avoid hot spots.

At low temperatures, the pulses are short, as the temperature increases the pulses get more frequent.

6 degrees below the set temperature the output is fully on.



Waterpump control


Target temperature

Specifies the target and desired coolant temperature (CLT).


Control band

If CLT changes is within the control dead band value, the output PWM duty is not changed.





warmup method

On/Off - Pulses the pump at the Warmup Duty to prevent hot spots.

Constant duty - Uses the Warmup Duty until the engine is within 10C of the desired operating temperature.

Note: There is a 300 second warmup timeout, when passed, the control id disabled.


off below CLT

Turns the output off if the coolant temperature is below the threshold. Can be used to prevent pump damage due to freezing.


off below CLT, engine not running

Turns the output off if the coolant temperature is below the threshold when the engine is not running.