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Bit builder channels

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The bit builder channels is used to create a byte (8-bit) of data (based on conditions) on a bit level, most likely to be used on combination with the CAN Outputs functions.

A byte consist of 8 bits, counted from bit0 to bit7 (sometimes refereed as D0,D1....D7) where the first bit is the most right one.



Bit builder



Enable the bit builder to be used on the system.





bit state

Always 0 - The bit is always "0".

Always 1 - The bit is always "1".

user condition - The bit is set active ("1") based on user condition.




In your vehicle, your FAN controller is listening to the CAN message ID 0x400, byte0,bit1. <-- When this specific bit is set, your external FAN controller starts the FAN.



1. Enable the bit builder channel, in this example we just pay attention to bit1, the other ones we just transmitting "0". Here, we have selected the bit state to a user condition, which means the bit1 is set to "1" when coolant temp is above 90 deg C.



2. Head over to CAN bus --> CAN outputs, CAN output, enable, set accordingly and use the BIT BUILDER X as the variable to transmit.


Note: In this example message, we do not care about the other bytes or bits in the whole CAN message, expect you to understand this example anyway.