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Aux injection

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The Aux Injection system controls a set of injectors separate from the regular fuel model. The injected amount is directly controlled by pulse width or duty cycle.

The injection pattern and angles are the same as the primary injectors.

This can be used to deliver extra fuel or for other purposes where a simplified fuel model is desired.



Enable the Aux system by selecting the Aux injector X output function on the wired output and the below settings will be visible under Fuel --> Aux injection in MTune.



Auxiliary injection settings



Enable or disable the aux injection system.


injection type

Specifies pulsewidth in ms or a fuel duty % to be outputted.





CLT correction

Enable to include the CLT correction (%) to the output pulse.


IAT correction

Enable to include the IAT correction (%) to the output pulse.


ASE correction

Enable to include the ASE correction (%) to the output pulse.


LAmbda correction

Enable to include the lambda correction (%) to the output pulse.



peak-hold settings


Note: The Peak-Hold settings is only workable on injector outputs on peak-hold enabled units (SPORT, RACE + PRO).


peak-hold drivers

Enables the Peak-hold drivers on the injector output used.

Note: Peak and Hold drivers MUST be enabled for low impedance(below 8ohms) injectors, and disabled with high impedance injectors (saturated).


peak current

Specifies the "peak" current which opens the injector, 3000mA = 3A which is default and used by most injectors.


hold current

Specifies hold-current for injector, 1000mA = 1A works for most injectors.



injector settings


Dead time table

Injector dead time at different voltages. Deadtime is the amount of time it takes for the injector to transition from closed to open.



injector pulse width


pulse width table

The pulse width to be outputted on the selected output(s), if any corrections are applied they will be corrected using this value as the base.



injector duty


injection duty

The injector duty to be used on the output(s).