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Fuel acc enrich

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Fuel acceleration enrichment


Enable acceleration enrichment

Event and Time based defines when the added fuel is calculated.

Disabled - No fuel acceleration is used at all.

Enabled (Time based) - Calculates the fuel based on time.

Enabled (Event based) - Calculates the fuel each injector pulse.

Note: Both event and time modes provides the same speed, but event-based calculations provide shorter fuel length at higher RPM to better match the fuel film behavior.


Acceleration source

Specifies which engine data value to be used as the acceleration source.

Mechanical Throttle/E-Throttle pedal - Uses the Normally used.

E-Throttle - Uses the actual E-Throttle position as the acceleration source.

E-Throttle target - Uses the target position as the acceleration source.

Note: If using dual E-Throttle, Throttle 1 position or target is used.


Hold time

Specifies the amount of time to hold the extra fuel during fuel enrichment when time based enrichment is selected.


Hold event

Specifies how many events the acceleration enrichment will be active when the EVENT based enrichment is selected.


Decay time

Specifies the time period which the fuel are reduced to zero after acceleration enrichment hold time/even has surpassed.


Min TPS rate

Specifies the minimum TPS rate to trigger the acceleration enrichment.

Note: Make sure not to use a to low rate here, to prevent accidental fuel enrichment.



Fuel acceleration enrichment table


Acceleration fuel table

Specifies how much extra fuel to be added from the table. Percent fuel to be added of base fueling.



Fuel acceleration enrichment correction


Enrichment correction

Corrects the fuel acceleration enrichment from a table.

Note: A cold engine requires more fuel during acceleration than a warm engine, so you will most likely use the Coolant temp as one of the source axis here.