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Ignition lock/idle control

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Ignition lock/idle control


Idle angle mode

Specifies how to control the idle by using ignition advance.

Disabled - No ignition idle control activated.

idle ignition locked/by separate table - During idle, keep the engine at a ignition advance from a fixed value or a table (selectable with the ignition angle from setting).

idle Ignition controlled by the idle control system - Uses ignition to control idle on the engine with or without E-Throttle or other idle mechanisms in combination, see idle control.


ignition angle from

Fixed value - Ignition advance during idle using a fixed value.

table - Ignition advance during idle from a table.


idle ign angle

Specifies the locked ignition angle to use when idle ignition locked/by separate table and ignition angle from = fixed value mode is used.

Note: When using the table, most right cell MUST ALWAYS be zero degree (0) ignition advance.


max tps

Disables feature when TPS is above this value.


max rpm

Disables feature when engine RPM is above this value.

Note: a normal value is 2000-2500RPM.


max MAP

Disables function when MAP value is above this value.


max speed

Disables ignition lock/idle control above the entered speed.


idle control max retard angle

Minimum ignition advance this function can control = 0% idle duty.


idle control max advance angle

Maximum ignition advance this function can control = 100% idle duty.


apply adjustments when idle ign active

Specifies if the ignition lock/idle control should be corrected by the other ignition correction tables.


Note: If this setting i enabled, coolant temperature (CLT) and intake air temperature (IAT) compensations are active. If disabled, these compensations are not used.


The closed loop anti-stall function was removed in MTune 1.116, use the above idle ignition locked/by separate table instead.