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Ignition settings

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Ignition settings


Ignition system type

Specifies type of ignition system to use.

Distributor - Only one output is used and can be used without HOME/CAM sensor mounted. Output drives all cylinders.

Dual distributor - Requires a trigger system with a HOME/CAM sensor mounted. Output 1 drives cylinder 1. Alternating between firing output 1 and 2 independent of the configured firing order.

Wasted spark - Ignites two coils at the same time. Can be used without HOME/CAM sensor. Can also be used with individual coils.

Coil on plug(sequential) - Ignites every coil separately and requires a HOME/CAM sensor to be fitted.

Coil on plug(sequential), 2-stroke/wankel/rotary - Ignites every coil separately and. Puts a spark every revolutions.

Manual ignition distribution - Advanced way of controlling the ignition outputs. Do not use if you don't know what you are doing.

Wankel wasted spark leading, sequential trailing - Wasted spark for the leading ignition outputs, and sequential for the trailing ignition outputs.


Ignition system delay

Specifies the actual delay that occurs when MaxxECU sends a spark signal and the actual spark is fired.


Note: How to adjust, lock ignition angle to a known value (like 10 deg BTDC) using the lock ignition angle feature below, give engine some RPM, if ignition "travels away" a few degrees use this setting to adjust the delay,to really make sure ignition are synced, even on higher rpm.



Lock angle


Lock ignition angle

Check the checkbox to lock the ignition advance timing at a given value, regardless of engine load.

Note: all other ignition timing (even cranking angles and/or other corrections) will be discharged when this feature is enabled, use with caution.


Ignition lock angle

The given value to lock ignition to. Locks all ignition timing to the given value.

Note: This setting is also available in Inputs --> Triggers/Home inputs, Trigger angle options.


Cranking ignition angle


Specifies whether to use a fixed value or a table for the cranking ignition advance.


Cranking angle

Ignition timing during cranking, Configuration --> Engine settings, Engine max crank RPM. Can be done in table or fixed values.



dwell settings


Dwell mode

Time - Used by most coils.

Duty % - Is needed by some old CDI systems.


Dwell time

Specifies the amount of time (in ms) the coil(s) is needed to be fully charged at 14V.


Min discharge time

Specifies the shortest time to be used to discharge the coil.

At high RPM and use of distributor(s), time between sparks can be too short and sometimes there is a need to shorten the charging time to make the coil rest enough between sparks.

Note: Generally, values less than 0.5ms should not be used as this increases the chance of spark overlap and misfires.


Dwell duty

Specifies the duty of the ignition signal, percent of the signal to be "high".

Do not use for inductive coils/modules.


Output polarity

Inverted ignition outputs should only be used with some CDI-systems.

Note: When changed, the ECU needs to be power cycled to take effect.

Note: Honda OEM Distributor with Internal coil runs Inverted Signal. K20 coil on plug is normal signal

Note: Inductive ignition system will be damaged if inverted outputs is selected.


Dwell voltage adjustment

Specifies dwell compensation based on the voltage. In percent of the normal value.


Dwell MAP adjustment

Specifies dwell compensation based on MAP value. In percent of the normal value.


Note: Used where we need to "boost" the coils on high loads, use with caution.


Output entry method

Output number - The output is simply the logical number of the output (as printed on the wire).

Outputs as bit fields - Bit field - Outputs are entered as bit field, so that several outputs can be triggered from ONE event.

Add the values for the outputs you want to trigger:

Ign1  = 1

Ign2  = 2

Ign3  = 4

Ign4  = 8

Ign5  = 16

Ign6  = 32

Ign7  = 64

Ign8  = 128

Ign9  = 256

Ign10 = 512

Ign11 = 1024

Ign12 = 2048

To trigger output 3 and 6, add the values for the outputs and enter the result 4+32 = 36


Max dwell angle

The maximum angle (time) that can be used to charge the coils.

Depends on ignition coil setup, cylinder count and oddfire split angle.

For example a 4 cylinder engine with a single coil and distributor can use 720/4 = 180 degrees.

An 90 degree V6 (odd fire) with a single coil and distributor 720/6 = 120 - 30 degrees split = 90 degrees.

Sequential coil on plug setups = 720 degrees.


Event output number

Event number is in the logical order 1-2-3-4-nnn and is not affected by the entered firing order.

The outputs entered needs to be adjusted for firing order.



Example settings


M&W CDI Ignition settings.



MSD DIS(CDI) Settings. MSD also requires GPO Ignition Mirroring.



4A-GZE ignition module.






In "bit fields" mode 3 means it will fire outputsĀ 1+2 at the same time.

So this will do outputs 1+2, 1, 1+2, 1.



Output pattern with the above settings.



ign angle range


The default limits are 80 degrees BTDC and 50 degrees ATDC. Custom settings can be needed for some distributors.


max angle before TDC

Limits the max ignition firing angle.


max angle after TDC

Limits the max ignition firing angle.