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SENT protocol input

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MaxxECU support SENT sensors.

See, SENT protocol input digital input function E-Throttle bodies wiring.


Note: SENT sensors should always be connected to either DIN 1 or DIN 2 on the MaxxECU.

Note: If SENT is used on either DIN 1 or DIN 2, any other speed input (wheelspeed, driveshaft speed etc) is not recommended on either DIN 1 or DIN 2, any other digital input function can be used though.

DIN 1 = SENT1.

DIN 2 = SENT2.



Sent protocol input x


sent mode

32-bit - standard bit size.


sent type

SENT standard to use. They use different CRC-calculation, only one of them will work.

SAE J2716 JAN2010.

SAE J2716 feb2008 (legacy).


sent tick

Specifies the SENT tick length. 3µs is common.

Needs to be determined for each sensor used.

Use an oscilloscope to find the "sync" pulse, find the fall-to-falling edge time of that and divide by 56 = SENT tick.

Example: GM throttle bodys: 3µs.

Note: SENT allows for 20% variation for tick length.



channel x data


CH order

Order of the nibbles in this channel. Change this if the data looks erratic.


CH min data

MIN data input value (0-4095). See SENTx CHx data RealTime Data value.


CH max data

MAX data input value (0-4095). See SENTx CHx data RealTime Data value.


CH min value

MIN output value in real unit. Ex 0 (%).


CH max value

MAX output value in real unit. Ex 100 (%).


CH Name

Channel descriptive name.


CH unit

Channel descriptive unit.


CH Destination

Analog input channel to send the data to.




Example using the GM 12678223 E-Throttle body

SENT protocol digital input.

E-Throttle bodies wiring.



1. Activate the sent protocol input x on either DIN 1 or DIN 2.



2. A new setting page is available under inputs.



3. Data to get position inputs from the GM 12678223 E-Throttle.


The rest is like normal a regular E-Throttle setup, besides that one single Digital input (DIN 1) is reading the E-Throttle position inputs and sent it to a "virtual" analog input in MaxxECU.