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MaxxECU online help



Timer mode

Specifies the timer activation mode and how to trigger stop/reset.


Run when active, reset when inactive

Run when active, count backwards to zero when inactive

Run when active, restart when max value reached

Run when active, reset/stop with reset input

Run when active, reset with reset input pulse

Start with pulse, stop/reset with reset input



max timer value

Specifies the max timer value that the actual timer can have. The timer stops when the max value is reached.





Activate a timer when a switch is pressed.


1. Enable the input where a button is wired, enable it as Timer 1 start.




2. the Inputs --> Timer settings page is now available in MTune, set timer mode and max timer value to suit your need, in this example the timer will start to count when switch is pressed and count to 300seconds, in case of a switch deactivation, the timer values will go back to 0.