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Oil Pressure Cut

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OIl pressure cut


oil pressure cut enable

Enable or disable the function.


cut behavior

Cut until pressure is OK - As long as the Oil Pressure is below the value in the below min oil pressure table, it will cut the engine.

shut down, restart required - This will completely shut down the engine regardless if Oil Pressure gets back on track, ECU needs to be restarted to be able to start the engine.


min runtime

Specifies the minimum engine runtime before this cut can be activated.


cut delay

Specifies the delay in seconds before the cut is initiated.


When active, error code 46 - Protection: Low Oil Pressure Cut activated will also be visible.






1. Wire an 0-5V pressure sensor to an available analog input channel, activate as engine oil pressure.



2. Enable the oil pressure cut, set min runtime and the cut delay, and populate the min oil pressure table with the minimal oil pressure you will accept. If the Engine Oil Pressure value gets below this, it will use the cut behavior setting to cut the engine.