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MaxxECU online help

Used together with distributors on 4-stroke engines.


This system can't be used for wasted spark or coil on plug setups. It can also only be used for simultaneous fuel injection.This trigger system expects one pulse per cylinder ignition event.

The angular position of the teeth in relationship to engine TDC doesn't matter, as this can be adjusted with the First tooth angle setting (Inputs --> Triggers/Home inputs, trigger angle) , but the angle should be fixed in relation to the crank/cam angle, ie. not have any mechanical advance function, to let the ECU control the timing.

The trigger can be mounted on the cam or the crank (less common, but preferred in high power applications).

A V8 engine with the sensor in the distributor has 8 teeth per cam revolution. If the sensor is on the crank, it has 4 teeth's.

A 4 cylinder engine would have 4 teeth in the distributor, or 2 on the crank.







When the distributor trigger system is used, only one ignition output should be activated on IGN output.


Note: When using Distributor as trigger signal, Simultaneous fuel injection method (Fuel --> Fuel inj general) must be used.

Current MaxxECUs do not support "grounded" Ignition outputs, if you need this kind of output, use external ignition modules or use the

ignition mirror function and wire ignition on GPO instead.



See also, Trigger problems and solutions.