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User Stepper Motor

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User stepper motor



Enables or disables the function.



step mode (no feedback) - Has no feedback sensor, it just counts steps and the motor is run to the home position at ECU power up and WILL HIT the end position.

closed loop (analog position feedback) - Uses an analog potentiometer to sense the position of the actuator, and will drive the motor to desired position. Does not need homing at ECU power up.


Note: if using the no feedback option, make sure the gearing is strong enough and can withstand hitting the end position during homing.



stepper motor settings


motor current

The PWM duty % in the hold state. Used to reduce the current to motor rated at less than 12V.

Note: By using 50% here, you will get approx 6V on the output.



Reverses the direction of rotation.


step order

Changes the driving order of the outputs. Can be used when the wiring of the motor is unknown to find the correct order.


step count

Only available in step mode (no feedback).

The number of complete steps from the home position to the positive end.


step rate

Max speed. Specifies the amount of steps per second. Some motors don't work well at high speed, so start of with a slow step rate.


manual homing

Only available in step mode (no feedback).

Drives the stepper motor to the home position regardless of it's current position.





measured position

Only available in closed loop (analog position feedback) mode.

Position sensor source. Normally an analog input setup as 0-100% representing the actuator's range.


control deadband

Only available in closed loop (analog position feedback) mode.

Deadband prevents the motor from moving more when to close to the target value, which is this value.


target position table

Target 0-100%.

In step mode: 0% = home position, 100% = step count.

In feedback mode: this corresponds to the feedback sensor.