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GP RPM limiter

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General Purpose Limiter (s) can be used to limit engine RPM based on user inputs, see examples below.


GP RPM limiter


GP RPM limit mode

Disabled - The GP RPM limiter is not active.

enabled by digital input - Enabled when the digital input function RPM limit, enable GP limiter X is active.

always active - The GP RPM limiter is always active.


Cut output

cut ignition - Only ignition cut is used to limit engine RPM.

cut fuel - Only fuel cut is used to limit engine RPM..

cut fuel+ignition - Both ignition and fuel cut is used to limit engine RPM.


min engine run time

Minimum engine run time before this function is activated.


activation delay

Activation delay of the actual RPM limiting function after the function has been activated.






In the above example and extra RPM limiter is added in the system, by using any axis source available in the system, anything can be done.