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MaxxECU online help

Upshift control (shiftcut)

The 8HP NEEDS a torque reduction (shiftcut) during the shift operation, and it is always best to start with "too much reduction" than "too less reduction".

The shiftcut signal is internally handled, you just just need to activate the blip function.




Example upshift event with shiftcut to drop+retard ignition and drop fuel exactly when the TCU send a torque reduction request.

Note: Do not pay too much attention to the actual torque reduction target (NM) value when a request is made, it is up to the tuner to decide how much reduction is needed.




Active the shiftcut feature in MTune Motorsport --> Shiftcut, make sure to set tot input controlled (shiftcut input), which basically means the shiftcut is active as long as 8HP TCU sends the reduction request.



Example shiftcut conditions.



Example retard angles and ramp back times.



Example fuel and ignition drop to get you in the ball park figures what is needed.



Downshift control (blip)

The 8HP TCU does not need a blip to properly downshift, but for a faster downshift the blip feature for rev-matching is a good idea.

The blip signal is internally transmitted, you only need to activate the blip function.



Enable the throttle blip



If you experience a "too early" blip, the blip delay can be used.