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Flex fuel.

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With an ethanol sensor connected to the MaxxECU, flex fuel capabilities is available.


Wire in a Ethanol sensor on a digital input.




Change fuel stoich AFR to Flex fuel in Fuel --> Fuel inj general. MaxxECU now calculates fuel with a "floating AFR target".




When flex fuel sensor is activated and working, you can use the Ethanol concentration value as axis sources in all

tables. In this case, the engine has been tuned on E68, and verified to perform well using E10 and E90.



Note: When Flexfuel is selected as "Fuel stoich AFR", all fuel calculations uses this value, ex crank and warmup enrichment

compensation tables.

The floating AFR target can be viewed as a RealTime Data value.



Boost compensation based on ethanol concentration (example)


Extra adjustment table, set to example multiply with main table.




Here, boost solenoid duty is multiplied with the extra table.

100% = no change, 90% = remove 10% duty.