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RealTime Data.

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Work in progress





RealTime Data tab showing data values in real time. Click on the yellow category names to expand/hide list of variables.




The search input box can be used to easily find the relevant RealTime data values


Note: Most RealTime Data values are self-explanatory, if you dont understand or have questions, contact support.




Engine Control



Intake air temp

Coolant temp


Battery voltage

Baro pressure

V1 has an internal BARO sensor, while all other MaxxECUs do sample the MAP-sensor during power up.

Note: At really high altitude differentials, you should consider using an external BARO sensor.



The average lambda value if using two or more sensors.



Calculated AFR ratio based on lambda and selected fuel.


Lambda A

Lambda B

Lambda Rich/Lean A

Lambda Rich/Lean B

TPS Rate

RPM rate

Engine run time

Start to increment when engine is started and resets when engine is restarted.

Note: Counter will stop at 3200seconds regardless of longer engine run time.


ECU on time

Start to increment when ECU is started and resets when ECU is rebooted.

Note: Counter will stop at 3200seconds regardless of longer ECU on time.


Rev-limit RPM

The actual RPM limiter value to be used.





ADjusted VE

The VE value + enabled user adjustment tables.


fuel cut

How much fuel is MaxxECU cutting at the moment.


fuel cut reason

Explains in short why is MaxxECU cutting fuel.


lambda target error

Lambda target - Measured lambda = Lambda target error.



Total Fueling Target Error

The sum of the Lambda/Lambda Target + Current Lambda correction. A representation of how far off the VE-table is.



Trigger debug


Lasttooth angle

Theoretical length of the last seen tooth, must be logged at very high speed to be accurate.


Lasttooth corr

Last seen tooth time/angle. Should always be stable (but RPM dependent). <-- if not, wrong trigger pattern seen compared to settings.





Ignition cut

How much ignition is MaxxECU cutting at the moment.


ignition cut reason

Explains in short why is MaxxECU cutting ignition.



User AIN


User AINx, this list will be populated automatic when new sensors are mounted).



User CAN inputs


User CANx, see User CAN inputs.



ECU Diagnostics


5V VRef voltage

Internal 5V regulator, should be close to 5.00V all the time.


CPU temp

Actual CPU temperature


Error code count

Should be "0", otherwise there is a stored error code in the system, see Diagnostics --> error codes.


last error code

Includes the last error code received, used for easy up the task of troubleshooting.


Power on count

Total amount of times the ECU has been started from the production date.


Total on time

Total on time since assembled.


Top ECU temperature

Maximum temperature of ECU since the production time, can't be reset.


Top supply voltage

Maximum top power supply of ECU since the production time, can't be reset.



Output states


X out n

Display the actual duty % ot the output X N.




In the above example, GPO 9 is activated with 100% duty = constant ON.



Wheel speed


Note: Requires some wheel speed sensors to be activated on input(s) to be visible.


Wheelspeed front/rear left/righT


Undriven wheels avg speed

Undriven average wheel speed. Calculated from left and right, or whats available as Undriven wheels.


Driven wheels avg speed

Driven average speed. Calculated from left and right, or whats available as Driven wheels.


Wheel slip

Difference in % between Undriven wheels and Driven wheels.


Clutch slip

Automatic calculation of clutch slip based on Engine RPM and Input Shaft RPM input, for auto gearboxes it can also be calculated depending on gear (see settings).




Distance counter



Traction Ctrl


Target slip

Target amount of wheel slip in % (between Undriven and Driven wheels)


Power limit

Amount of cut/drop in % MaxxECU is doing for the moment.





BMW buttons

When using the BMW MS43 OEM CAN protocol, the following values are available in the system to indicate button press in the steering wheel.

BMW steering wheel button

BMW Buttons (output value)

Cruise control ON/OFF


Cruise control SET


Cruise control ACC (+)


Cruise control DEC (-)




CruiseCtrl Locked speed

The speed that the Cruise control system has as the target speed of the actual control.


CruiseCtrl FilterEd speed

The vehicle speed used by the Cruise control system, this values is filtered a little bit extra to maintain a more stable control.


Analog output 1/2/3

Shows the output voltage the ECU is TRYING to send out, not the actual voltage (which could be wrong if output is short circuited).




Nitrous enabled

Show the overall enable state of the nitrous system.

0 (Disabled); 1 (System enabled, but safety conditions not met,); 2 (Enabled and conditions are met)



Work in progress