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DSG RealTime Data description

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DSG shifter mode

The selected DSG shifter mode, 0=Not engaged;1=Reverse;2=Park;4=Neutral;8=Drive;16=Sport;32=Manual;64=Shift Up;128=Shift Down;256=Locked.


DSG paddle status

The paddle status, also reflected if a MaxxECU digital inputs is used instead of stock paddles, 0=Not engaged;1=Up shift;2=Down shift.


DSG gearbox mode

The DSG mode, -2=Reverse;-1=Park;0=Neutral;1=Drive;2=Sport;3=Manual.



The actual active gear in the DSG, reported by the TCU. -2=Reverse;-1=Park;0=Neutral;1=Gear 1;2=Gear 2;3=Gear 3;4=Gear 4;5=Gear 5;6=Gear 6;7=Gear 7;


DSG engine tORQUE

The engine Torque value sent from MaxxECU to the TCU, see DSG Control.


DSG Shift Status

Shift status, reported from the TCU.  0=Not engaged;1=Up shift;2=Down shift.


DSG Torque target request

The requested engine torque from the TCU, pay attention to this value during shiftings, to make sure to lower engine torque when the TCU is requesting it using Shiftcut.