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How to upgrade from a MTune TEST version to the same RELEASE version of MTune

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1.Using the TEST version, connect to ECU and save the tune to the computer.

2.Remove the installed test version of MTune from your computer.

3.Do a manual firmware update to the latest firmware found in the MTune /Firmware folder in your local drive. Usually C:\Program(X86)\MaxxxECU MTune\firmware\

4.Load the default base tune in MaxxECU by locating the default.MaxxECU-save file in the MTune installation folder and write settings to ECU <-- this sets all new settings to default values.

5.Open the previously saved tune file when online, select write to ECU and confirm.



Who does this applies to?

You have got an test version of MTune with new features or functions for testing from us.

Example: You have got version 1.103 and we have released 1.103 version to the public.