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Fuel EGT correction

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Used to add more fuel to prevent engine damage if high EGT occurs.



fuel egt correction


fuel egt correction

Enable/disable the EGT correction feature.


The enrichment is applied by lowering the lambda target to get the entered enrichment.

This will automatically both enrich the fuel mixture and make the lambda correction target a lower cooler lambda value.

The EGT enrichment are logged as a fuel % modifier in RealTime Data values.





Activate above RPM

Specifies the RPM to activate this feature.


Activate above MAP

Specifies the MAP to activate this feature.



correction table


Table type

Specifies whether to use a fixed list or the new dynamic table with 4D possibilities.

list (old) - Uses a list with one single axis value (EGT Highest).

table - Uses a dynamic table that can be used with 4D.