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Overrun fuel cut

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Overrun fuel cut


Enable overrun fuel cut

Enables/disable overrun fuel cut feature.

When enabled, the injectors are turned off at "engine braking" to prevent fuel in cylinders.



Specifies maximum throttle angle to activate this function.

Note: The TPS must be correctly calibrated! Inputs --> Sensors (CLT,IAT,TPS).


Use map signal

Specifies whether to use the MAP sensor signal or not for overrun activation.


Under MAP

Specifies the MAP value the system needs to be below to trigger the overrun fuel cut function. This value MUST be lower than MAP value on idle and right above the value when "engine braking".

Note: How to set, note the MAP on idle (ex. 35kPa). Drive the car on a higher gear, give it some load to 2500-3000rpm, release throttle and note the MAP value at ~2000rpm (20kPa). Use for example 25kPa.


Activation delay

Specifies the delay in seconds to activate this function.


Cut ramp IN time

Specifies the time (in seconds) where the cut ramps from 0 to 100% cut.


Cut ramp OUT time

Specifies the time (in seconds) where the cut ramps from 100% to 0% cut.


Table type

Specifies whether to use a fixed list or the new dynamic table with 4D possibilities.

Fixed clt dependent (old) - Uses a list with one single axis value (CLT).

dynamic table - Uses a dynamic table that can be used with 4D.


Overrun deactivation RPM table

Specifies the RPM which this function is deactivated and ordinary VE fuel table is used.