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EGT power cut

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egt power cut


EGT power cut enable

Enable/disable the safety function based on exhaust gas temperature inputs. The function requires at least one EGT to be installed.

The highest temperature are used if more sensors are installed as EGT-sensors.


Note: Only sensors wired directly to MaxxECU "onboard amplifiers" can use this function, EGT sensors using external amplifiers connected to analog inputs can use the advanced warning outputs instead.



activation conditions



Lowest boost pressure (MAP) to activate function.



Lowest RPM to activate function.


Activation delay

Time delay before activate function when other conditions are met.


EGT cut temperature

Maximum EGT temperature to activate function.





Reactivation mode

Below fixed TPS

Below fixed TPS or throttle change %


reactivate below TPS

Specifies the TPS opening to reactivate this safety function.


reactivate TPS delta

% change in TPS (from where the error occurred) to reactivate this function.






Example of EGT power cut values for a 500HP turbocharged engine.