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Distance counters

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When MaxxECU has one or more wheel speed sensors activated, Distance counters are available.

This function calculates the distance in meters vehicle has moved since last reset.

Note: if your drag racing vehicle is doing wheelies, this function wont do you any good.



Reset trip/odometetr


Click button(s) to reset the their respective meters.



distance counter


distance source

Specifies the speed sensor source for the speed the distance counter.

driven wheel speed

undriven wheel speed <-- Preferable source

VSS (old system)

Note: Tire dimensions and speed must be 100% accurate for this function to be used. If wheel source (wheels) is "airborn" during heavy acceleration, this functions will not work as intended.


distance counter reset

Specifies how the distance counter will be reset.

Never(rollover at 50km) - Never resets, after 50km the value will start over at zero again.

stationary over 2 sec - Automatically reset when vehicle is standing still for more than 2 seconds.

launch control input - Reset when the digital input function launch control switch, enable stage X is activated.

clutch input - Reset when the digital input function clutch switch is activated.




Available RealTime Data values in Wheel speed.




Using MaxxECU logging, Distance counter are available in Wheel/transmission speed --> Distance counter as seen in the above example.