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MaxxECU online help

speed limiter


enable speed limiter

Enables/disables the speed limiter function.


speed sensor source

Specifies the speed sensor source for the speed limit function.

driven wheel speed

undriven wheel speed

VSS (old system)


power reduction method

Specifies how to limit speed by cutting either fuel or ignition, preferable use fuel.

fuel cut

ignition cut


pi p term

PI algorithm P value.


pi i term

PI algorithm I value.

see, PID control.


min engine rpm

Specifies the lowest engine RPM to enable this function, engine RPM below this value disables this function.



speed limiter throttle control


throttle control

Whether to include E-Throttle limiting in the speed limiter function.

Disabled - No E-throttle control is active.

enabled, open loop - Uses a throttle limit table (0 - 100%)



switched speed limiters


speed limit value

active when input is active - Uses the Speed limit X enable/set digital input to set.

latched, reset with reset input - Uses the speed limit reset digital input to reset.


speed limit X

Specifies the speed limit X.



top speed limiter


When the speed limiter is enabled, this is the default speed limit value, unless any other speed limit is triggered using the speed limit X enable/set digital input.


speed limit value

Specifies whether to use a fixed value for the top speed limit or use a user defined table.

fixed value



top speed limit

Specifies the top speed limit.



speed limit table


Speed limit

Table used for the top speed limit, user defined source axis.






Top speed limit(250 km/h), and a MDash switched lower speed limit (110km/h)


1. Speed limiter example settings, top speed limit at 250km/h and a low speed limit at 110km/h (switched by trigger the digital input Speed limit 1 enabled.




2. Add a bluetooth switch and label it for example "LowSpeed" or "WifeMode" or similar.




3. Add an internal output to activate the digital input function Speed limit 1 enabled, in the above example the low speed limit is activated by either a MDash switch or if the coolant temperature (CLT) is below 40 deg C.




4. Tap and hold on MDash surface, tap on ADD SWITCH.




5. Tap the Bluetooth switch and your desired size then tap the add item button.




6. The Bluetooth switch is now activated on MDash, when activated the low speed limiter (110km/h) is used, when off the top speed limit (250km/h) is used.