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MaxxECU online help

drive layout


driven wheels

Specifies the driven wheels on the vehicle.

Rear wheel drive (rear biased awd)

Front wheel drive (front biased awd)


driven wheel sensor setup


driven wheels sensor layout

Specifies sensor layout of the driven wheel.

single wheel sensor - One sensor mounted on either left or right driven wheels.

Dual wheel sensor - Two sensors mounted on vehicle, left and right.

driveshaft/transmission sensor - A driveshaft or transmission sensor is mounted.


axle final gear ratio

Specifies the transmissions final drive ratio. This will allow you to calibrate a clutch speed sensor so that it has the same RPM value as engine RPM when the clutch is 100% locked up.


Wheel circumference

Specifies whether to use a separate wheel circumference or use the wheel circumference of the actual wheel setups driven wheel circumference.

Separate setting - Uses the separate and below driven wheel circumference value.

use wheel setup driven setting - Uses the wheel circumference in Wheel setup (driven wheel circumference).


driven wheel circumference

Specifies driven wheel circumference, use the Calculate button to Calculate from tire dimension.



undriven wheel sensor setup


UNdriven wheels sensor layout

Specifies undriven wheel sensor layout.

single wheel sensor - One sensor mounted on either left or right undriven wheels.

Dual wheel sensor, average - Uses the average speed of the 2 undriven wheels. Recommended for most setups. Gives the most accurate speed signal.

Dual wheel sensor, fastest - Uses the fastest of the 2 undriven wheels. Less accurate, but has to be used when one of the undriven wheels can lift during cornering. Typically used on FWD cars.



transmission input shaft setup


input shaft RPM source

Specifies whether there is a physical input shaft RPM sensor mounted, or if we should try to calculate it.

Sensor - Needs a input shaft sensor.

calculated - Input shaft is calculated from Driveshaft RPM, VSS GEAR and the below gear ratios.


Note: Mostly used for clutch slip calculations.


Gear count

Specifies the amount of forwarding gears.


X gear ratio

Specifies the gear ratio on specified gear.