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De-pin and re-pin CMC connector

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Example to de-pin and re-pin a faulty pinned STREET harness.



All manufactured STREET harnesses (1763) with the date 2024-01 is affected where the F4 and H2 are switched.



Solution 1

Contact your MaxxECU dealer or MaxxECU HQ for an harness exchange.


Solution 2

De-pin the two wires using our CMC tool (will be shipped free of charge) and re-pin the two wires.

Contact your MaxxECU dealer or MaxxECU HQ for a free de-pin tool.



1. Harness, the CMC tool (1967) and a small screwdriver are needed to perform the de/re-pin.



2. Press the cable protector towards you like in the above image, and use the small screwdriver to release the lock.



3. Locate the F4 (WBO VS)  and H2 (Trigger GND) wires, both are brown. They are mixed and must be switched back.



4. Pull out the grey terminal secure tab.



5. Brown cable from the WBO cable SHOULD be pinned to the F4 and the TRIGGER/HOME spliced cables to "TRIGGER GND" should be on the H2 pin.



6. Use the CMC de-pin tool in the correct placement. Around each terminal hole, there are 2 smaller holes, which the tool fits into, fit and push the tool hard at the bottom. Do this for both F4 and H2 pin to remove both cables.



7. Pull out the F4 and H2 cables, make sure to push the CMC de-pin tool towards the connector while pulling out the cable.



8. Insert the correct terminals into the corresponding hole and check the guidance pin is accurately rotated.



9. Push gently back the security tab and make sure all the terminals are seated correctly.