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MaxxECU online help

Commonly used on Nissan vehicles, CA18, SR20, RBxx to name a few.

CAS, Cam Angle Sensor which is a sensor mounted on the the intake cam (mostly) to give a virtual crank

and cam sensor signal to the ECU.


Note: There are many problems related to Nissan CAS trigger system mainly because the cam belt flex and mount positions.

MaxxECU tries to "filter" all bad signals received from this sensor, to much errors will result in trigger errors to prevent

the engine from getting damaged. Nissan CAS V2 is verified to give a spark angle of +/- 1 degree timing accuracy even on higher revs.



Upgraded Nissan CAS trigger (AEM style)


Upgrade Nissan CAS trigger disc option.




Trigger settings for the upgraded Nissan CAS disc.




NZ wiring RB CAM trigger kit







Trigger setup for the NZ wiring RB CAM trigger kit.



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