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MaxxECU online help

Tachometer output


enable tachometer output

Enable or disables tachometer output on the selected output.

DISabled - No output.

ENABLED - Tachometer output is enabled.

TEST MODE - Tachometer output is set to a test mode with a new test value available to test and calibrate the output to match engine RPM.


Tach output voltage

Note: Selectable pullup voltage can only be used on GPO 8.

12V - Output uses a 12V pullup on the GPO 8 output.

5V - Output uses a 5V pullup on the GPO 8 output. <-- Try this one first if you are unsure of the tachometer voltage.

Tachometer cyl. count

Number of cylinders the tachometer is made for.


Tachometer wave type

Simple (50% duty) - Most used option, select this if unsure of the wave type.

user defined duty % - Uses the below tachometer output duty value.

user defined dwell time - Uses the below tachometer output dwell value.


Tachometer output duty

User defined output duty.


Tachometer output dwell

User defined output duty.


RPM sweep at ignition on

Sweep the tachometer to RPM limit at ECU power on.


Tachometer adjustment

Adjustment for tachometer output. Use the test mode to adjust, see examples below.



Tachometer test


Output rpm

Available when the test mode is enabled, set to a value to be sent to the actual output without starting the engine. Use the above settings to adjust to match engine RPM with the tachometer output.







Example of a 4-cylinder tachometer wired to a GPO.




When the Enable tachometer output is set to Test mode this option is availabe, test RPM for easy calibration of tachometers.


Note: The combination of engine cylinders and tachometers used are unlimited, for ex. you can have a 4 cylinder engine and use a tachometer from a 8-cylinder or even a 5-cylinder tachometer, the tachometer output will work as expected.