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MaxxECU online help

CAN OBD-II input feature to read engine data from the OEM ECU when using a MaxxECU as a piggyback ecu (IAT, CLT, TPS, MAP, Lambda).

ME 7.5 OEM CAN protocol update: Smoother RPM output in dash.

Added the ability to control digital inputs directly from User CAN Inputs.

Added external CAN wideband controllers: AEM X-series and MOTEC in the lambda sensor inputs.

Added external CAN wideband controler (user defined) in the lambda sensor inputs.

Added the ability to activate a digital input function directly in the bluetooth settings, switches.

New trigger: Single pulse per 720 degrees. To trigger piggyback installations from a stock injector or coil.

Increased the number of User CAN Inputs to 24 channels.

Trigger pattern generator to output trigger pattern to test MaxxECUs and other ECUs.

Fixed a bug where gear 6 didn't work for the Analog Gear position input.

Fixed a bug where AC output was not reactivated if the AC reactivation time was set to "0.0".

Fixed a bug where the error code 84 accidentally was triggered on some vehicles connected to the CAN-bus.

Differential PID for CO2 boost control.

Added separate settings for boost duty and drop mode for launch control stage 2 and 3.

New User Stepper Motor output to control stepper motors.

New Launch control cut mode (cut % from table).

New Nitrous Stage solenoid test feature.

Honda K20A2 trigger update to sync better during cold engine conditions.

Fixed a bug where some trigger systems on MaxxECU MINI did not work properly.

New error code: 47 - External lambda sensor error.

New digital input function: External lambda X, error.

New digital input function: External lambda X, valid.



Download here.

Release date: 2019-04-03