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MaxxECU online help

User tables can be used as axis source in other tables, for ex. main VE or main ignition tables, in fact "any" table where axis sources is changeable.



Name of the table.



Unit of the output value.



Specifies the sensor resolution on the selected input.

1 (-32768 to +32767) - Values between -32768 and + 32767 can be used on the table (no decimals).

0.1 (-3276.8 to +3276.7) - Values between -3276.8 and + 3276.7 can be used on the table (one decimal).

0.01 (-327.68 to +327.67) - Values between -327.68 and + 327.67 can be used on the table (two decimals).

0.001 (-32.768 to +32.767) - Values between -32.768 and + 32.767 can be used on the table (three decimals).

Note: When changing the resolution, any table value will be rescaled and changed accordingly and table min/max values will be used as stated above.


Warning/Note: When using a MaxxECU RealTime Data value in any in or output function, including comparing, the resolution (scaling) on all the values involved needs to use the same resolution values.


In short, always try to use the same resolution all over the sensors and tables. 0.1 is the most used resolution used across whole MaxxECU.


Exponential smoothing alpha

Alpha smoothing value as an extra filtering option. A to high value will slow down the response.

0.0% = no smoothing

90. - 95.0% = recommended smoothing value.


Use as analog input function

Function to "bind" an analog input function to this table instead of a physical input.

Note: The final value of the table is used for the selected input function.






A custom User table which change the value within the vehicle speed (VSS) which is used by the Pedal to Throttle table (E-Throttle) to gain more throttle opening during higher speed, regardless of the pedal position. Can be used to lower power output as an example.