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Internal output system

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Can be used to trigger certain input functions based on internal/external conditions.


Function name



Name of the function.





Condition A/B/C/D/E

Condition X for activation of the function.



output configuration


output function

Condition(s) to be used for this internal function to be triggered.




turn on delay

Specifies a delay time (in seconds) to be used when condition (s) are active before actually triggers this function.


turn ofF delay

Specifies time (in seconds) to delay a active function before actually disabling the function.




Inverted - Inverts the output, if condition are active, the actual output state is inactive.

latch, push: on, push: off - Push to activate the output state, push again to deactivate.

latch, push: on, long push: off - Push to activate the output state, long push again to deactivate.


output flash

Flash feature of function with different options:

Slow flash when output active

Fast flash when output active

Slow flash when output inactive

Fast flash when output inactive

Note: The flash functionaility is mostly used when light bulbs/LEDs are wired to physical output.



INputs to control


Selects which MaxxECU digital input function to be triggered by the conditions.

Note: as of MTune 1.107 two inputs can be controlled by the same internal output function.





Start logging based on conditions.


In the above example we will trigger the input function Start logging when condition (A and B) or C is active and log for 120 seconds. In other words: When engine is over 3000RPM AND over 0.4bar (5.8 PSI) of boost, MaxxECU starts to log. Also, automatically starts to log upon errors.

Note: Start logging based on engine conditions might be easier to setup at set RPM and TPS function found in the Configuration --> ECU Logging settings.



Switch input condition from physical input to trigger multiple digital input functions.


The above example will trigger the anti-lag and disable traction control input functions when the physical digital input 1 is active.



MDash button combination with active boost level to trigger digital input function.


The above settings will change to secondary RPM limiter and disable traction control features when Bluetooth input swith 1 AND the active boost level 3 is activated.


Note: Bluetooth input switches can directly activate digital input functions without the usage of this internal output function.