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MaxxECU online help

General settings



Specifies which automatic gearbox to control.

GM 4L80E/4L85E

GM 4L60E/4L65E

Toyota A340E

Toyota A341E

Toyota A650E


Shift mode

Specifies the shift mode.

Manual (transmission selector/buttons) - Gearbox will use digital inputs (Auto transmission gear selector) to shift.

Automatic - Gearbox will shift according to shift point settings.



Speed sensor


speed source

Specifies the speed source to use for gearbox control shift operations.

independent calculation (driveshaft speed) - Requires a Speedsensor drive shaft RPM mounted and calibrated.

driven wheels average speed - Gearbox will use digital inputs (Auto transmission gear selector) to shift.


axle final gear ratio

Specifies the transmissions final drive ratio.


driven wheel circumference

Specifies driven wheel circumference, use the Calculate button to Calculate from tire dimension.


Input speed sensor

If the transmission does not have a connected input speed sensor the input speed can be calculated from the output speed based on the gear ratios.

Note: If this is used transmission slip can not be calculated.



gear ratios


gear ratio

Specifies the gearbox ratios either stock or custom.

stock - Gearbox uses stock gear ratios on all gears.

custom - Gearbox is modified and has a custom setup of gears with custom gear ratios.


gear x ratio - Only available when Gear ratio = custom

Gear ratio on each gear (X).

Note: Unused gears should be 0.



launch control gear


Note: only used when launching on other gear than the first one (1).


Different gear on launch control

Specifies which gear used to launch the vehicle.

disable - You are launching on gear 1 (default).

enabled by the launch control input - When this setting is active, the system sets the current active gear to the below launch gear.


launch gear

Specifies which gear to used when launching.

1 - Launching on gear 1.

2 - Launching on gear 2.

3 - Launching on gear 3.

4 - Launching on gear 4.


Note: As soon as the launch control is relased the transmission shifts to gear 1 and operates normally. Used to increase the stall torque when using the foot brake to launch.