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MaxxECU online help


Note: MaxxECU PRO is required to control this gearbox.

Note: Line pressure monitoring is required.



Selector switch inputs



Auto transmission gear selector A = L.

Auto transmission gear selector B = 2.

Auto transmission gear selector C = D.

Auto transmission gear selector D = R.


If the common terminal is GND, any DINx can be used.

If the common terminal is +12V (stock configuration), DINx where the pullups can be disabled, or 0-5V AINx must be used.


Example input configuration in MTune


Example configuration in MTune for a gear selector switch.



Other inputs

Speedsensor wheelspeed front = Input shaft sensor (VR).

Speedsensor wheelspeed rear = Driveshaft sensor (VR).

Gearbox oil temp sensor = Any Temp AINx.

Brake pedal/stop light active.

Auto transmission manual mode switch (optional).

Transmission DOWN shift (optional).

Transmission UP shift (optional).







Low driving outputs

Connected to a MaxxECU PRO GPO 23-30 with 12V flyback (CMC4: F1) to transmission +12V supply.

(Or any other outputs with external flyback diodes.)


SLU = Lockup solenoid.

SLN = Accumulator solenoid.

SLT = Line pressure solenoid



High driving outputs:

S1 = Shift solenoid A.

S2 = Shift solenoid B.

S3 = Shift solenoid C.

S4 = Shift solenoid D.


Example output configuration in MTune


Example configuration of outputs on the MaxxECU PRO for the Toyota A650E.


MTune Transmission control.