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Corvette C6 (GM E38 ECM)

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Inputs (working)

OEM traction control button is used to enable/disable MaxxECU traction capabilities.

AC request.

Cruise control buttons.

All input button can be custom defined by using the OEM CAN Buttons.


Outputs (working)

Water temp gauge.

Fuel level. Using the CAN system fuel level.

Tachometer (RPM) (not CAN controlled, but works using our plugin adapter).

Speedometer (not CAN controlled, but works using our plugin adapter).

Oil pressure gauge. Using the CAN System Oil Pressure input.

Check engine light (not CAN controlled, but works using our plugin adapter).

Immobilizer light off.

Fuel consumption meter, needs to be calibrated/adjusted, see OEM CAN Protocol settings.




Not working/issues

ODBII diagnostics (ECM) with MaxxECU not available, but works with all other vehicle ECUs (verified with LAUNCH X-431 PRO OBD reader).




Wheel speed correction function added in MTune 1.142.

Cruise control, OEM CAN Buttons support, and new dash in MTune 1.127.

Supported from firmware 1.113



Confirmed to work models

Delphi 12605731 (GM E38 ECM)




Arrow explanation

Green (light): Working.

Green (dark): Working (but not controlled by CAN).

Blue: Not ECU controlled.

Orange: Partly controlled by MaxxECU.

Yellow: Turned off.



Cruise control


Left = All OFF.

Middle = ON.

Right = ACC

NOTE: For the OEM CAN Buttons (or cruise control) to work, this knob must be in the middle or to the right.



The SET button.

Note: The SET button only works if the cruse control knob is set to middle or right position.



Wheel circumference must always be calibrated using an OEM CAN protocol


When we calibrate the wheel speeds from an OEM vehicle (to make an OEM CAN Protocol), we always use the stock wheel sizes, so to get correct wheel speeds within MaxxECU, you must calibrate your wheel dimensions, since they are used to show you the correct speed in MaxxECU.