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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


Added ”Start without cam” options for the missing tooth trigger system which enables faster engine start-up with cam synced trigger systems, Unsyncrhonized start in Triggers/Home inputs.

New OEM CAN protocol: Audi RS6 C5 VAG PL45 (ME 7.1.1).

New OEM CAN protocol: Skidoo 900T 2019-2022 (Bosch ME17.8.5).

New CAN peripheral protocol: Volvo Power steering.

New analog input function: CAN system power steering control.

Increased the max MAP in the whole system from 700kPa to 2000kPa.

New digital input function: Advanced warning system, enable, to enable the Advanced warning system when set to enable by digital input.

New digital input function: EGT power cut, enable, to enable the EGT power cut when set to enable by digital input.

New digital input function: Lean power cut, enable, to enable the Lean power cut when set to enable by digital input.

New digital input function: Advanced Warning System, Enable Cut to enable the engine cut at level2 warnings, when function set to enable by digital input.

New trigger: Lotus Elise 910 6+1 (extra tooth after).

New trigger: Rover 620/620T.

New trigger: Yamaha V-max.

New trigger: Diahatsu 1KRVET.

New trigger: Ferrari-Maserati F136.

New trigger: GM LSJ.

More trigger patterns to the Trigger pattern generator added.

Wheel speed correction value added for all OEM CAN Protocols where wheel speed is captured from OE ABS.

Audi S3 1.8T 2003 VAG PQ34 (ME 7.5) OEM CAN protocol, engine considering running above 400rpm instead of 600rpm.

Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2) OEM CAN protocol update: Engine FAN is not started unless the engine is started.

Added support for the new 15-button Blink Marine keypad.

The log download dialog automatically closes after downloading a log for immediate viewing.

Turbo speed sensor, scale changed to handle 10kHz/32k RPM.

Ethanol sensor hold value at load function added.

New RealTime Data value: Wheel setup, indicates the current used wheel setup.

New RealTime Data value: ethanol concentration used.

New undriven wheel sensor setup: Dual wheel sensors, fastest.

Stabilization time for Multi-position switch and Tune selector functions added.

Added options to use tables to set the E-Throttle PID gains.

Added a cranking PWM duty setting for the PWM fuel pump control.

Added a Lambda sensor overheating setting to ignore errors and prevent an error code to be stored in Filters/error codes.

Added settings to trigger Throttle blip directly from Shift force.

Added settings to allow VVT teeth overlapping the crank missing gap/reference positions in VVT cam position inputs.

New sensor preset: MSEL M6 Stainless Temperature Sensor (SENTEMSSM6) for AIN (TEMP) inputs.

Throttle blip request now disables any overrun fuel cuts.

Transmission control, current gear is retained when going into button-controlled manual mode.

Lockup converter, MAP limits have been increased.

RT value Traction ctrl. correction, min value changed to -60 from 0.

Fuel acc enrich, min TPS rate, min value changed to 0.0.

Added extra check for deprecated settings to not be shown in compare tune.

Fixed a bug where importing settings from another file to the log settings page wouldn't work.

Fixed a bug causing some pages to now to show up correctly on the shortcut page.

Fixed a bug causing the secondary injectors to start at too low primary duty's in automatic mode and 360-degree fueling on 4-stroke engines.

Fixed a bug causing the Nitrous Purge output to not work correctly.

Fixed a bug that could cause the nitrous protection system to activate when a stage was active but had 0% PWM duty.

Fixed a bug causing fuel consumption for secondary injectors to be reported incorrectly.

Fixed a bug causing the shiftcut abort to not work right on manually shifted gearboxes with analog sensor feedback.

Fixed a bug where the MAP Dip Threshold setting was hidden for MaxxECU MINI units.

Fixed a bug where the log file length did not match the actual file (maxed out at 65sec).

Fixed a bug where the fuel consumption calculations didn't account for fuel cuts.

Fixed a bug where Lean Soft Cut didn't indicate any Cut Reason.

Fixed a bug causing an idle control PID glitch after startup.

Fixed a bug causing the MINI unit to record a to high internal CPU temperature.

Fixed a bug causing the Not during launch ctrl option in the Advanced warning system to trigger warning accidentally.

Fixed a bug where the VAG DSG CAN protocol transmitted 0x7D0 message even when "no vehicle emulation" was selected.

Fixed a bug in BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox control related to second gear ratio calculation (clutch slip).

Fixed a bug in BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox control where the DCT clutchkick/burnout mode input was constantly checked for vehicle speed to determine a burn mode or clutch kick mode when activated.

Fixed a bug in BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox control where random shiftcut events were missed.

Fixed a bug in the Traction control light output which could be on below set speed.

Fixed a bug with sensed speed setting to activate the time after launch timer.

Fixed a bug causing overrun to become active with active cruise control and no pedal position.

PDM: Fixed a bug causing inputs set as active low with enabled pullup resistors to pulse briefly before the voltage has stabilized after powering on.


Download here.

Release date: 2021-11-09