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MaxxECU online help

Installed modules


Not installed or Installed indicates if the module is installed or not.

Note: Make sure connected CAN modules have a stable power supply when MaxxECU is powered and tries to communicate with module, otherwise and error is thrown.



Data transmission


Default CAN output protocol

Specifies the default CAN output protocol to be transmitted.

Disabled - No default CAN protocol is transmitted.

MaxxECU Default - MaxxECU default CAN data protocol to be transmitted, for example connection to external Dash loggers (AIM, RaceTech eg).

KMS CAN display - KMS CAN Display.



Protocol CAN Bus

Specifies which CAN bus to transmit/receive data on (only visible when more than one CAN Bus line exist in the connected MaxxECU).


CAN Bitrate

The CAN bitrate has to be 500Kbit for use with MaxxECU CAN modules and most OEM protocols.

If you're using aftermarket dataloggers or dashes you may want to use another bitrate to match the rest of the system.

Note: Restart the ECU after changing the bitrate.





Enables/disables ODBII data output to enable diagnostics tools. Read disclaimer in MTune.



When CAN OBD-II is enabled, a new setting page under CAN Bus is visible with some options.



OEM CAN protocols


Enables OEM (stock vehicle) CAN data to be transmitted and/or intercepted.


MaxxECU support the following OEM vehicles:


Audi RS6 C5 VAG PL45 (ME 7.1.1)

Audi S3 1.8T 2003 VAG PQ34 (ME 7.5)

Audi S3 8P VAG PQ35/36 2010 (MED 9.1)

BMW E39 M5 (MSS52)

BMW E46 328i (MS42)

BMW E46 330i (MS43)

BMW E9x (MSS60)

Corvette C6 (GM E38 ECM)

Ford Focus RS/ST 2005 - 2012 (ME 9.0)

Ford Mustang 2011 - 2014

Lotus Elise/Exige 2007/2009

Mazda RX8

Nissan 350Z (ECCS 2)

Nissan Patrol TB48 Y61 (ME C23)

Porsche 996 2001 (ME 7.8)

Skidoo 900T 2019-2022 (Bosch ME17.8.5)

Suzuki Jimny 2018

Toyota GT86


Note: this list will be updated as we extend our support for other vehicles (based on demand).



OEM CAN protocol settings


Instr. cluster fuel flow correction.

Used to correct MaxxECU fuel consumption sent to the OEM dash, make sure to calibrate the MaxxECU fuel consumption before even try to adjust this value.

Note: only available on the supported OEM CAN protocols, so this settings might not be visible for your OEM CAN.


Wheel speed correction.

Used to correct the wheel speed coming from OEM ABS system (not available on all protocols) into the MaxxECU when an OEM CAN protocol is activated.

Verify and adjust the correction (%) value using an GPS or similar to make sure the wheel speed in MaxxECU is accurate.

Note: Make sure to enter correct wheel circumference in Speed/Gear --> Wheel setup before attempting to adjust this correction value.



CAN powertrain controls


CAN Powertrain control protocols can be combined with the OEM CAN protocols, but be sure to check the documentation.


Power train control

BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox, <--No Fx serie support yet.

VW Haldex GEN1

VAG DSG <-- Only DQ250 as of now.