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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.149), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


New CAN Analyzer function (will be expanded in the future).

New CAN Test Output.

SENT protocol implementation.

BMW E9x DCT (GS7D36SG) gearbox control, read the BMW DCT gearbox control howto carefully.

VW Haldex GEN1 CAN control.

Cruise control, and a new dash init procedure for the Corvette C6 (GM E38 ECM) OEM CAN protocol.

OEM CAN Buttons for the Corvette C6 (GM E38 ECM) OEM CAN protocol.

Odometer/oil pressure meter update for the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol.

New Overrun fuel cut setting: Cut ramp time.

New output function: Lambda module relay.

Added options for 1/5/200Hz output rate for the User CAN Outputs system.

Added 4 more User CAN Outputs.

Added feed forward tables for the VVT control.

Improved rev-limiter stability (most noticeable on Rolling launch control).

Added settings for Neutral to 1st lockout in the Sequential gearbox control.

Added 3 more User PWM outputs.

Added 2 User Cut tables  to create custom engine cut functions.

Added options to trigger the Trigger oscilloscope from TDC on any cylinder.

Improved Trigger logger. Does not need to wait for x number of signals before drawing the bars.

New E-Throttle predefined throttles.

New analog input function: RPM, engine (not for fuel/ignition control).

New analog input function: Throttle position sensor.

New digital input function: User Cut Table X, enable.

New digital input function: Throttle blip enable.

All values in MTune can now be entered as hexadecimal data (start with 0x).

CAN IDs are now shown as hexadecimal. Can be entered as decimal or hex data.

Added option to reprogram the Blinkmarine CAN keypads default CAN protocol, Keypad setup.

New ECU error code: 189 - SENT protocol Error.

New ECU error code: DCT: No response from TCU.

New ECU error code: DCT: No response from shifter.

Fixed a bug causing CAN Keypads with keys 9-12 not being able to be programmable.

Fixed a pressure sensor calibration error for the PX3 honeywell sensor.

Fixed a bug causing a negative CLT value to be entered in the launch settings.

Fixed a bug causing the Fuel EGT correction to not work if the activate above rpm was set to the minimum value of exactly 2000 rpm.

Fixed a bug causing hold for second function on keypad to not function properly.



Download here.

Release date: 2020-04-21