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Audi S3 1.8T 2003 (ME 7.5).

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All four individual wheels speed from stock ABS into MaxxECU traction system.

Engine oil pressure from instrument cluster, available in base tune.



Instrument cluster (speed, tacho, CEL, odometer etc) working.

Fuel consumption in instrument cluster.


Optional CAN.

Stock ESP button can be used to activate/deactivate MaxxECU built in traction system, uses stock light on dash for confirmation.


Other support

ABS is working

Haldex AWD is working


Not working/issues.

Cruise control not used.

VCDS diagnostics with ECU is disabled.




MTune 1.129 added fuel consumption display in dash.

2020-02-27: Basetune available for download is now updated with Oil Pressure (from instrument cluster), if available.

Smoother speedometer output in dash in MTune 1.121.

Supported from firmware 1.89.6594



Additional information

This CAN protocol has been tested with the following Audi models also:

Audi S4 B5 (ECU number 8D0 907 551 D)

Audi RS4 AZR (ECU number 8D0 907 551 K)

Audi S4 (US spec), (ECU number 8D0 907 551M)

Audi S4 (US spec), (ECU number 8D0 907 551A)

Audi A4 (EU spec), (ECU number 8E0 909 518 AS/0261 208 500) <-- AC fan might not work, under investigation.


Note: Audi S4 B5 must enable this protocol to get dash / abs to work properly, refers to ECUs ending with D,H,G,M.



Audi S3 dash


Arrow explanation

Green (light): Working.

Green (dark): Working (but not controlled by CAN).

Blue: Not ECU controlled.

Orange: Partly controlled by MaxxECU.

Yellow: Turned off.



Wheel circumference must always be calibrated using an OEM CAN protocol


When we calibrate the wheel speeds from an OEM vehicle (to make an OEM CAN Protocol), we always use the stock wheel sizes, so to get correct wheel speeds within MaxxECU, you must calibrate your wheel dimensions, since they are used to show you the correct speed in MaxxECU.