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Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.149), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


DSG Shifter emulation (DQ250/500) added.

New OEM CAN protocol: CAN-AM Maverick X3 XRS Turbo RR 2020.

Added a Min Secondary PW setting for fuel staging.

Support for Haltech NTK CAN 1 + 2 channel Lambda sensor modules added.

Support for dual CAN keypads (Blinkmarine) both in ECU and PDM mode.

New crank trigger: Buell XB9 DDFI2.

New custom trigger: Alternating Trig/Home.

Honda K20A2 trigger update.

Extended the max tooth offset value to -49 for the Crankshaft Deceleration trigger.

Small update in the N+1 CAM trigger.

Added 3 more Extra fuel tables.

Added Add % to lambda table options for Extra fuel tables.

PID Frequency setting added for VVTi control.

New MAP RATE RealTime Data value.

New MAP Rate filter option, Filters/error codes.

Added more Time on-screen options in the logger.

Option to export logfile to csv format with localized units.

Fuel baro trim MIN value changed from 60 to 20kPa.

Shiftcut active status will now show both upshift and downshift status (1 = upshift, och 2 = downshift).

Auto transmissions did shift cuts on both up and downshifts, changed to only shiftcut on upshifts.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT control: clutchkick update, internal timer added to try to kick the clutch better.

GEN2 DCT control: Paddle signals ( Transmission UP shift and Transmission DOWN shift) can now be used with OE shifter.

When GEN1/GEN2 DCT control is activated, RealTime data value GEARBOX_OIL_TEMP and TRANSMISSION_TEMP is also updated from TCU oil temp.

New analog input functions: CAN System user input 1 and CAN system user input 2.

New digital input function: Error codes, clear all codes.

Changed the brake input from BMW E9x (MSS60) vehicle CAN.

BMW E9x (MSS60) update to make the OE starter button to work.

Better usage of the engine oil pressure in the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol.

OEM CAN Protocol Audi A4 B7 VAG PL47 2006 (MED 9.1), value presentation support.

OEM CAN Protocol Audi RS6 C5 VAG PL45 (ME 7.1.1), value presentation support.

OEM CAN Protocol Audi S3 1.8T 2003 VAG PQ34 (ME 7.5), value presentation support.

OEM CAN Protocol Audi S3 8P VAG PQ35/36 2010 (MED 9.1), value presentation added + oil pressure warning light support.

OEM CAN Protocol Audi S4 B6 VAG PL46 (ME 7.1.1), value presentation added.

Audi S4 B6 VAG PL46 (ME 7.1.1) added to OEM CAN Buttons.

Two more pressure sensor presets (MIPAN).

Ford Zetec sensor preset added.

Honda K series temp sensor preset added.

DCT/DSG Mode Switch, renamed input function.

New setting to use baro correction on the closed loop boost activation (to not affect existing setups).

New sensor shutdown setting for the Lambda sensor control.

New lambda transient deactivation mode added.

PDM: New Constant on mode setting, used when the main power is switched externally. PDM settings.

PDM: Flash to pass, added a setting for the number of flashes (flash count) in High Beam settings.

PDM: Added 6 more PDM internal outputs.

PDM: Wiper control, added settings to delay the park signal to adjust the stopping position.

PDM: New Wiper PWM Control output function.

Changed the section graph view to show voltage instead of ohm for user-defined temp calibrations.

Increased the max values to 1400 RT values instead of 1300 (internal change).

Fixed communication problems with firmware versions older than 1.128.

Fixed a bug causing the nitrous system "Interpolate retard based on solenoid duty" to not work.

Fixed incorrect Fuel Prime pulse scaling and missing dead time.

Fixed analog input function "Pattern generator RPM" not reaching 0.

Fixed an unhandled exception when reading a corrupted ECU cache file.

Fixed a scaling bug in the scatter plotter.

Fixed a bug using arrow keys in sensor calibration tables.

Fixed a bug related to downshift-cut time with enabled analog gear sensor feedback.

Fixed a bug in BMW DCT GEN1 gearbox control where DCT torque was fixed during reverse (shift status was stuck).

Fixed a bug in BMW DCT GEN1 gearbox control where a blip was randomly activated on the reverse gear.

Fixed a bug in BMW DCT GEN1 gearbox control where the reported pedal position during launch and BETA strategy was not fixed (used the table value).

Fixed a bug that could cause MAP-sync to not work correctly with some MAP-filter settings.

Fixed a bug where the fuel prime pulse was 10% of what it should have been.

Fixed a bug related to opening a corrupt zip-logfile.

Fixed a bug causing CAN Inputs 25-36 not able to be assigned to input functions.

Fixed a bug related to AUX injection, showed duty even if table was zeroed because of dead time data.

Fixed an issue with the Output test did not work if Oil Pressure Cut was active in background.

Fixed a rendering issue with 4D table data.

Fixed a rounding error in tables when displaying US units.

Fixed a bug that in very rare cases caused incorrect dwell-time calculations.

Fixed scaling issue for 0.001 scaled values in the section graph view.

Fixed a bug in MTune related to zooming using arrow keys and not fully resized window.

Fixed knock filters for cylinder diameters from 125mm to 200mm.


Download here.

Release date: 2023-05-18