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MaxxECU online help


The average fuel function uses the distance counters setup. Make sure to have the correct distance source set and that there is wheel speeds.



Fuel flow correction


flow correction

Flow correction can be applied to calibrate the flow/consumption readings.


low load flow correction

Correction applied at low injector opening times to correct for injector non linearity.

Low load flow correction is only applied to the first 1ms of injector opening. This can be used to calibrate the flow/consumption reading on idle or light cruising loads.



Virtual fuel tank


An advanced feature for vehicles with no fuel tank meter inside to calculate the amount of fuel left in tank based on fuel consumption calculations.


Virtual tank volume

Specifies fuel tank volume.


Calculation source

Specifies how to calculate the fuel flow/consumption.



The digital function Virtual fuel tank reset level can be used to reset the tank level.

The digital function Avg fuel consumption reset can be used to reset the average fuel consumption.


Switch activation can be triggered by either a physical digital input or using the Internal output system.