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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.149), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


New OEM CAN protocol: BMW E9x.

New OEM CAN protocol: Suzuki Jimny 2018.

New RealTime Data value: Brake switch active.

New RealTime Data value: Clutch switch active.

New trigger: Subaru 2-teeth cam/vvt trigger.

Added overrun cut ramp back time settings in Overrun fuel cut settings.

Added ”Ignition output cylinder 9-12” as options for all outputs.

Added option to individually calibrate EGT-sensors.

Added ”Fueling Target Error” RealTime Data values for each bank.

Added a fuel enrichment setting for the Rolling launch control.

Added option to select Driven, Undriven or VSS as deactivation condition for the Launch control.

Added an option to set the allowed voltage outside the defined range for E-throttle Pedal position (to allow for the kickdown range).

Added a warning when the table memory is almost full, or very fragmented (and help on how to fix it), Memory almost full / fragmented.

Added user description text settings for PDM keypad buttons and User Cut tables.

New digital input functions: Electric waterpump override input, Fan override input and FAN + Electric waterpump override input.

Options to calculate transmission input RPM from driveshaft rpm (or wheel speed) and gear ratios in Sensor setup.

Direct Output control from PDM1 outputs can now be used in the ECU too (so PDM user outputs can control ECU outputs too).

More settings for PDM Turn signal control/”Hazard warning lights” can be now be activated by holding left and right buttons for 1 sec in button mode.

New options to assign Keypad LED colors based on user defined conditions.

Options to set Keypad backlight level with lights on and off (when using a PDM).

PDM Lights, park outputs are now also activated by the Light low beam or Lights, high beam inputs.

Added an ”Engine Stalled” warning mode to the PDM brake light output settings.

Added a PDM Turn signal light, constant flashing  for turn signals controlled by external switches.

Fixed a bug that caused the fuel pump priming time to be shorter than set in some cases.

Fixed a bug causing injector output tests in Single pulse mode to send shorter pulses than programmed.

Fixed a bug that could cause missed ignition events on trigger systems with very few teeth in some unique situations.

Fixed a bug where the log viewer didn't keep the selected data on screen when zooming.

Fixed a bug causing the trigger logger Synced/Not Synced coloring to not work when in cam logging mode.

Fixed a bug caused MaxxECU MINI to not reflect the IGN output voltage setting (5/12V).

Fixed a bug in BMW DCT control where shift status was not correct when in Reverse gear.



Download here.

Release date: 2020-07-22