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BMW E9x (MSS60)

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Note: You might experience some issues with your E9x if it used the MSD80/81 DME, please report back the error codes you get on your vehicle with as much information as possible.



Inputs (working)

AC request/idle up.

Brake pedal switch.

ABS wheel speed directly into MaxxECU traction system (four individual wheel speed).

ESP button is used to enable/disable MaxxECU traction capabilities.

Cruise control buttons.

All input button can be custom defined by using the OEM CAN Buttons.


Outputs (working)

Tachometer (RPM).


Check engine light.

Oil temperature (using CAN System Oil Temperature input).

Shift light RPM.

CLT, torque and some other stuff to keep OEM units happy.



Not working/issues/work in progress

OBDII works only when CAN wired to OBDII connector (requires JMTII terminals).

Fuel consumption meter.

Cruise control "set indication" around speedometer.

Cruise control "enabled/disabled".

ESP indication.





MTune 1.150

Support for the value presentation feature added, see Tach output.

Internally splitted output CAN message structures to be able to use this protocol on one bus and DCT on another bus.

Added CAN forwarding of DCT messages to keep E9x Dash happy when E9x and DCT is not on the same bus.


MTune 1.149

0xAC added to the CAN stream.

Corrected 0xBA checksum calculation.


MTune 1.148

Brake switch update.

Update to make the OE starter button to work.


MTune 1.146

Clutch switch automatically captured from vehicle CAN.


MTune 1.145

Will now transmit correct signals to OE AC module to activate magnetic clutch.

Fixed a bug where the AC button was not properly triggered.


MTune 1.144

If the CAN System EKPM control (0-100%) analog channel is enabled, the OE EKPM can be controlled.

New strategy added for the OE EKPM when the analog channel CAN System EKPM control (0-100%) is NOT enabled anywhere.


MTune 1.143

Adjusted CAN output to try to control the OE FP controller better.


MTune 1.142

Wheel speed correction function added.


MTune 1.131

Initial support.


Confirmed to work models

BMW E92 M3 (MSS60)

ME 9.2 (E65/66) DME 7 550 534




Arrow explanation

Green (light): Working.

Green (dark): Working (but not controlled by CAN).

Blue: Not ECU controlled.

Orange: Partly controlled by MaxxECU.

Yellow: Turned off.




MaxxECU BMW E9x OEM CAN protocol dash example



How to setup the BMW E9x OEM CAN protocol



1. Enable the BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN Protocol in CAN Bus --> CAN settings, OEM CAN protocols.



2. Navigate to DCT --> DCT control, Torque control and populate this table with as close as possible real engine torque.

Note: the E9x OEM CAN protocol uses this torque table to send out engine torques needed by the vehicle units happy.




If you have a DCT gearbox installed, the above combination works.


Do not enable the DCT gearbox control if you DONT have a DCT gearbox wired, it wont work and will cause a lot of error codes in your whole vehicle



Wheel circumference must always be calibrated using an OEM CAN protocol


When we calibrate the wheel speeds from an OEM vehicle (to make an OEM CAN Protocol), we always use the stock wheel sizes, so to get correct wheel speeds within MaxxECU, you must calibrate your wheel dimensions, since they are used to show you the correct speed in MaxxECU.