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Bluetooth settings

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Bluetooth settings



Enable or disables the Bluetooth broadcast.


pin code

Specifies your own personal Bluetooth pin code. Preferable a six digit code with A-Z and 0-9 characters.

Note: The MaxxECU needs to be powered off 5-10 seconds for the new changes to be applied, default MaxxECU PIN code is 123456.


Tune selector

When enabled, the Tune selector feature is controlled from MDash Tune selector switch.



Bluetooth switch



Name of the Bluetooth switch. This is the name that is showed in MTune/MDash RealTime data values when using MDash switch input functionality.


Input function

Digital input function the corresponding BT switch will trigger when active on Android device.






The above example will stop the engine, or prevent the engine from starting when the first bluetooth switch is active on the connected Android device.



Note: More advanced way of trigger Digital input function is by using the internal output, more examples here.