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Analog Inputs

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MaxxECU has two different Analog inputs.

TEMPERATURE - These inputs has a fixed 2.5k pullup resistor, best suitable for temperature sensors and switches.

ANALOG INPUT (0-5V) - Has no fixed pullup, most suitable for pressure sensors. External 2.5k +5V pullup is required for temperature sensors.

Note, since MTune 1.149, AIN (TEMP) inputs can now be used as 0-5V inputs. Most pressure sensors will "most likely works", Potentiometer inputs will not work.


Samples times of AIN channels

AIN 1-4 are sampled at 1kHz.

AIN 5-12 are sampled at 100Hz.

The rest at about 50Hz.



Note: BARO is sampled from internal MAP during power on, for any hillclimbing, please mount an external sensor.



Analog input X



User-defined name for this input to easily identify what's connected.


use as

Specifies whether to use this input as a analog input, or a digital input to trigger digital input functions.

Analog input - The input is used as a analog sensor (TEMP with fixed pullup, or 0-5V input).

Digital input - The input is used to trigger digital input functions.