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MaxxECU online help

Note: Always use our latest software version (currently 1.150), which contains the latest features, fixes and improvements.


New Water/Methanol Injection system, with option to correct fueling and a new digital input: Water/Methanol Injection, low-level sensor including a new error codes: 81 - Water/Methanol Injection, low level.

New fueling calculation added for odd-fire engines (dual VE), Fuel inj general.

Updated External TCU control protocol.

Support for CANTCU external TCU controller 1.1 CAN stream.

Support for the Turbolamik controller 2.0 CAN stream.

Added option to get speed from external powertrain controllers.

Skidoo 900R 2024 (Bosch MG1C), OEM CAN protocol added.

New OEM CAN protocol: VW Passat 3C (R36) VAG PQ36 2008 (MED 9.1).

New Virtual fuel tank option to increment/decrement a certain amount of volume from new digital inputs: Virtual fuel tank Increase, Virtual fuel tank Decrease.

New activation mode in Power management to be able to have it always activated.

New time after launch timer start mode, launch control release in Power management.

New analog input: Brake pressure.

New RealTime Data values for the actual E-Throttle PIDs and Brake pressure.

New RealTime Data value LAUNCH RPM which indicates the actual set launch start RPM.

New VVT error settings.

Max IAT and Min runtime parameters added to the Fuel Adaptation system.

New load condition (min TPS) in the Advanced warning outputs.

New confirm dialog when pressing delete all log files in the log window.

New sensor predefs (lowdollermotorsport500F).

New wheel circumference setting for driveshaft speed Sensor setup.

New setting: Analog gear position sensor between gear settings in Speed/Gear.

Description added for the Multi position switch.

All available AIN can now be set as either TEMP or 0-5V classes.

Improved timeout time for wheel and driveshaft speed sensors with a high number of teeth.

4Hz internal ECU logging limit option added.

Improved IAT, CLT and BARO filters.

New I limiter option for the User PID output function.

The Trigger pattern generator updated with more trigger systems.

Max engine RPM added for the AC magnetic clutch output function.

More function combinations to User outputs and Internal output system.

An option was added to control max duty from a fixed value or a table for the Alternator control output.

Max PWM duty added for the Electric waterpump control (PWM) output function.

Added a Radiator FAN PWM output mode.

New max duty setting for Radiator FAN PWM output.

Value presentation added for the Speedometer output.

New angle range settings were added in Ignition settings to limit the firing angle in BTDC and ATDC.

Added the possibility of setting lambda CH2 as the primary lambda sensor.

New trigger: Honda TRX450R.

New trigger: Mitsubishi 4G15T.

New trigger: DSM 420A / Chrysler ECC.

New trigger: Opel X16XE / XEL.

New trigger: Jeep Cherokee 4.7 V8.

Possibility to run Missing 4-1 on CAM.

Honda K24 crank/CAM trigger update to better handle cold start signals.

Coding option for the Mazda RX8 OEM CAN protocol.

Added options to trigger CAN Outputs messages from RT-values with different rate options.

New CAN ID offset setting was added for the MaxxECU default and KMS output CAN protocols.

Option to set SLOW/FAST message rates of the default CAN v1.43 protocol added.

Rotating error codes were added to the MaxxECU Default CAN output.

Added the 0xAC message in the BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN protocol.

Corrected the checksum calculation in the 0xBA CAN message in the BMW E9x (MSS60) OEM CAN Protocol.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Internal filter for the transmitted torque values added.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Internal filter for engine RPM optimized.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Internal filter for wheel speed optimized.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: New DCT Setting added to limit transmitted torque (min/max), some GEN1 TCUs (M3) firmware does not like getting above 800Nm and sends the gearbox into N.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Added parameter for the negative torque before reaching burnout RPM.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Added clutchslip mode during launch.

GEN1/GEN2 DCT: Added parameter/table for the positive torque during the actual burnout + option to move over to regular torque table.

GEN2 DCT: Shift strategy change during up/down shifts for smoother operations.

GEN1 DCT: Shift strategy change, min reported pedal position on gear 1.

GEn2 DCT: Potential fix for the idle target rpm issue, to ensure idle rpm target is always lower than the actual engine rpm.

VAG DSG: DQ500: Changed the brake pedal status to make Tiguan Diesel gearbox TCU based tunes happy.

VAG DSG: DQ250: When enabled, uses the Brake pressure input for ABS emulation output pressure.

VAG DSG: DQ250/DQ500: Added more options for DSG blip delay (up to 150ms).

PDM: Added  a timeout setting for the Turn signal control.

PDM: Added Horn PDM input / output.

PDM: increased the max crank RPM to 400 instead of 300 for the starter functions.

Removed the CAM signal position that was visible (but not used) for a few trigger system.

Internal start logging on-delay was removed from the internal ECU logging.

A duplicate bosch preset was removed from the injector list.

Added a new CEL Bluetooth message, to fix an issue with the Advanced warning outputs showing the wrong RealTime Data index in MDash.

Default file names for the trigger logger function changed.

Fixed an issue where DIN10, as a digital input did not open up the settings tree correctly.

Fixed an issue where the average Lambda value did not pay attention to added sensors with no cylinder bank assignment.

Fixed a bug where the Sequential gearbox blip delay setting interfered with the DSG blip delay function for VAG DSG.

Fixed a bug where the shortcut for interpolation did not work in lists.

Fixed a bug when a single wheel speed setup did use both wheel speed sensors when available, showing dual wheel speed.

Fixed a bug where the lambda deviation Warning output was accidentally triggered above 9kPa instead of 90kPa.

Fixed PWM frequency accuracy issues on low-frequency output when high frequencies were used on other outputs. Improved duty accuracy for high-frequency outputs.

Fixed a problem with the Toyota A650E auto gearbox output pattern.

Fixed an issue where the User frequency/duty did not work below 5Hz, minimum is now 1Hz.

Fixed an issue with the lean power cut function.

Fixed an issue with default CAN messages and PDM on the same bus, double rate of messages.

Fixed VSS GEAR which did not update from GEN2 DCT GEAR.

Fixed wrong conversion from GEN 1 DCT GEAR to VSS GEAR.


Download here.

Release date: 2023-11-30