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DSG settings

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DSG hardware identifier.

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DSG settings.

DSG Control.



DSG settings


gearbox type

Specifies the gearbox type.


Note: we will probably update to support the DQ500 in the future, if requested...


TCU model

Specifies the TCU found on the DSG gearbox, please check the compatibility list in the VAG DSG CAN protocol.

GOLF 5 GTI (02E 300 043 C).

Note: It might work with other TCU numbers also as the ones we have tested and confirmed, if you are having problems with a specific number, or want to report a succesfully DSG control, please contact us.


shifter type

Specifies the shifter used.

OEM DSG shifter - Uses the DSG shifter that was found on the donor vehicle the gearbox came from.


paddle type

Specifies the paddles used.

OEM DSG paddles - Uses the OEM DSG paddles, including the CAN steering module.

MaxxECU digital inputs - Uses the digital input functions Transmission up/down shift to command an DSG up/down shift.


CAN emulation

Specifies the type of CAN emulation to be used.

No emulation (DSG donor vehicle CAN is present) - The DSG is fitted on a MED 9.1 vehicle where all CAN modules except the stock ECU is connected (ABS, kombi).

full emulation (used as a standalone controller) - This is probably the mode you want, cause MaxxECU is transmitting ALL signals needed for the DSG to work without any kind of vehicle modules installed.