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MaxxECU VAG DSG DQ250/DQ500 gearbox control support



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DSG Shifter emulation.

DSG 500 TCU Diagnostics

DSG settings.

DSG Control.

NOTE: Do NOT activate the MaxxECU Default V1.3 CAN output on the same bus as the DSG, cause it will interfere with the control operation and cause trans going to neutral and random strange issues.

NOTE: PDM20 uses the 0x50 CAN message ID for communication, which might be available on some Audi (equipped with airbag modules), do NOT use on the same bus!





MTune 1.149

DQ500: Changed the brake pedal status to make Tiguan Diesel gearbox TCU based tunes happy.

DQ250: When enabled, uses the Brake pressure input for ABS emulation output pressure.

DQ250/DQ500: Added more options for DSG blip delay (up to 150ms).

Fixed a bug where the Sequential gearbox blip delay setting interfered with the DSG blip delay function.


MTune 1.148

DSG Shifter emulation added.


MTune 1.146

Added option to disable TCU DIAG requests for the DQ500, and automatic stop of the requests if a diagnostic tool is present on the bus until next restart.

Added VAG DSG option for CAN emulation.


MTune 1.144

TCU diagnostic support for the DQ500 gearbox.


MTune 1.143

DQ500 support.


MTune 1.142

Fixed a bug.


MTune 1.137

Experimental support for DSG launch.


MTune 1.133

Initial support for the DQ250 gearbox.



Help an contribution on the DQ250

Amo, Exelixis Etuners (France)

Yannis Markakis, Markakis Ioannis & Georgia OE (Greece)

Toras Stamatis, STM Performance Service (Greece)



Help an contribution on the DQ500

Steffen Tille, Tille Motorsport Engineering

Daniel Hanebuth, TD-Motorsport (Germany)