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MTune 8HP Settings

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8HP settings


Gearbox TCU

Specifies the TCU firmware the TCU is flashed with.

Dodge DEMON 8HP70 TCU (MaxxECU custom TCU fw) - See 8HP TCU firmware.

Dodge DEMON 8HP45 TCU (MaxxECU custom TCU fw) - See 8HP TCU firmware.


Shifter type

Specifies which shifter to be used, see 8HP shifter.

OE Dodge shifter - The supported Dodge shifter is available on the bus.

shifter emulation - Uses digital inputs to control the shiftings, see 8HP shifter emulation.

BMW Fxx 8HP shifter - BMW F-series 8HP shifter is available on the bus.


gearbox mode

Sets the gearbox mode which changes the behavior of the shifts.

STREET- (1).

SPORT- (3).

TRACK- (5).

DRAG - (10). Required to be set to get transbrake feature, only available on the DEMON based firmwares.

set from analog input/user table - Used to set the different gearbox modes, using the analog input Gearbox Drivemode.



Example to set the gearbox drivemodes from the tune selector (using a User tables). Tune selector 1/2 --> STREET (1), Tune selector 3 --> SPORT (3), Tune selector 4/5 --> TRACK(5) and Tune selector 6 --> DRAG(10), see 8HP RealTime Data.

Note: MaxxECU only accepts the values: 1,3,5 and 10 into this analog channel.



Example on how to verify the actual Dodge 8HP drivemode.



8HP shifting options


shift strategy

Specifies if the TCU has an supported or unsupported MAPS memory area.

MaxxECU TCU maps (1500-9000rpm) using shift point table - Requires our custom MAPS TCU tune, see 8HP TCU firmware and the actual shift points is using the MaxxECU table.

Note: Tuning using HPTuners is NOT possible for the moment.


Blip delay

MaxxECU activates the internal blip trigger when the gearbox downshifts, this specifies the amount of delay in milliseconds to allow the clutch to disengage the seated gear. 0 to 100ms.

Note: Blip is not needed for the 8HP gearbox to properly downshift.


Manual mode upshift offset

In manual mode, to prevent going into the revlimiter, MaxxECU can send a upshift signal before the actual rev-limiter. Example if your limiter is 7800rpm, you would most likely somewhere around 7000rpm start to initiate an upshift command, enter 800rpm here.

Note: enter "0" here to disable the upshift feature in manual mode, it will never upshift even driving in the revlimiter.



8HP kickdown


enable kickdown above TPS

Specifies the minimum throttle position (pedal position if using E-Throttle) where we send the kickdown event to the TCU. 0 = Kickdown disabled.

Note: blip request OVER this TPS value is not possible.


Kickdown lower limit gear

Specifies the minimum gear a downshift can downshift to. Start of high when testing this to make sure you are not downshifting too much which will cause it is up shift directly after the downshift because of he engine rpm limit.

Note: We are also internally calculating which gear it is possible to downshift to based on shift target RPM table (target gear) and the actual engine rpm limiter to prevent overshooting.



8HP transbrake


transbrake activation mode

Specifies how to activate the transbrake feature, require the gearbox mode to be set to DRAG.

Paddles - Default Dodge style, requiring 2 paddles on the steering wheel.

Automatic - Does not require any paddles, it is magically and simply always activated in DRAG mode and standing still, just press brake as hard as you can, floor it and release brake when you are satisfied to launch the car.

See, 8HP transbrake for more information.



TCU Diagnostics


Auto erase TCU DTC

Specifies whether to erase all error codes in the TCU at ECU/engine startup.

Erase tcu dtc upon startup - Tries to erase any TCU error code during startup, and also on engine startup.

do not erase tcu dtc - Does not erase any stored error code, might caught you to not be able to engage any gear. <-- Do not use this option unless instructed.


TCU diagnostics

Enabled - Requests some extra TCU diagnostic to get some additional diagnostic values.


Note: This option might interefere with any other diagnostic tool/HPTuners.