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MaxxECU online help

8HP related links

8HP CAN protocol.

8HP Drive modes.

8HP hardware identifier.

8HP hardware upgrade.

8HP Installation and wiring.

8HP RealTime Data.

8HP reflash procedure.

8HP shift control.

8HP shifter.

8HP shifter emulation.

8HP TCU firmware.

8HP torque converter control.

8HP transbrake.

8HP wiring information.

MTune 8HP Control.

MTune 8HP Settings.




Initial BETA support in Mune 1.150 for the 8HP45 and 8HP70.


Known issues/limitations

KD limitation under some circumstances do not properly limit the min_target_gear, no danger to engine, it will not downshift to overrev engine (unless revlimit not accurately setup).

CAN collision with the BMW E9x vehicle, work in progress to solve.

No virtual clutch (yet), we will investigate if possible later in 2024.

In SOME cases if a transbrake is aborted in drive mode, automatic up shifts wont work. Solution is to put into Manual, then back to drive and do another transbrake.

Kickdown in higher speeds does not properly go down to the min_gear as fast as in lower speed, we are investigating if possible to solve.



Needed for the protocol to work

Brake input.

Throttle Position.

Intake air temperature.

Coolant temperature.

Battery voltage.


Note: The MaxxECU does NOT need to control the engine for the 8HP control feature to work, the MaxxECU just needs to be aware of the above engine data values for the 8HP protocol to work.



Standalone controller examples

Note: It is entirely possible, but please note that for the best experience, MaxxECU SHOULD control both the engine and the gearbox.




Example how to setup RPM from a CAN message.



Example how to get brake pedal switch from CAN.